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Seeing as how my book The Fourth Pillar can now be downloaded for free from sites all over the internet, I figure I should offer the same service myself, so here it is.


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When I toured NZ in 2005, I made a series of one page summaries / lists / charts to use as both aides-memoire and projected displays. Since then, I have used many of these sheets in the presentations I have given. I've found them helpful, and many attendees have asked for copies. So here they are.
They're listed below in an order that has a sort of narrative to it. Perhaps it's the chapters of the next book; more likely, they are simply indicators to my random mental associations. Whatever, you may find some of them useful.



What I'm On About

Just two things

Broken Connections

All the 'new planning paradigms' implicitly recognise that we live in a fractured society. They seek to re-make essential connections

Universal Values?

It may be possible to imagine some underpinning values on which most of us might agree

The three manifestations of culture

Culture as content, practice and results. Here is a way of envisaging culture that assists with integrating thought and action.

Cultural Poles

The dynamic between imagination and reason. Cultural development can be viewed as dialectic: emerging from the interplay between two helical mindsets. Both are essential. Both need to be nurtured.

Framework of Four(1)

Pillars of Sustainability is a limiting and misleading metaphor. Here are some alternatives.

Framework of Four(2)

Our lives can be viewed as unfolding in four domains. It's possible that most of the big questions can be slotted in to this quaternity.

Comparing four part thinking

Dividing things into four is a common human activity; here are some examples

Cross-dimensional conversation

Looking sideways across the four dimensions: each impacts upon the others. Sorting these out raises key issues

Benefits of a cultural perspective

Seven reasons why it's useful to apply a cultural perspective to policy making and evaluation

Signs of life: the ingredients of cultural vitality

The twenty characteristics exhibited by a culturally vital society

This culture process is a whole lot of cons

Four cons that are integral to cultural vitality

What next?

Putting ideas into practice

Cultural Affairs

A notional structure for a local government cultural affairs branch showing all the activities for which such an integrated unit might be responsible

Evaluating cultural impact

The three key cultural issues to address: active participation, diverse authenticity and continuing engagement

Towards cultural indicators

Assessing changes in cultural vitality

Cultural rights

Descriptions of cultural rights

Why we need formal cultural rights

And why we need them

Modes of engagement

A quartered square that demonstrates the different ways in which we engage in cultural production and reception

Money isn't everything: Devolving the tools of engagement

Creative participation is the key to cultural vitality and the key to universal creative participation is access. I don't mean access to products and services (what could be called passive access) but access to the tools of production and the levers of power (that is, active access).

Connections between creativity, art & culture

These three concepts are constantly confused, concatenated and overlapped. Here is a way of meaningfully connecting them.

What It Is

The intrinsic value of art

What It's Good For

The instrumental value of art

Participatory arts

Why participatory arts are so important to the health of society

Applying the four perspectives to art

In considering the application of public resources to artmaking, the four perspectives can be used to examine the potential public benefit

Arts policy areas

Re-ordering traditional priorities to achieve engagement and sustainability

Arts Indicators

A list of indicators, specifically focused on the arts, that one could imagine emerging from a process of 'community efforts to track progress towards a desired future'.

The perils of bureaucracy

Bureaucracies can't help themselves; history shows us that these systems inevitably exhibit a range of tendencies designed to make the world more manageable, more predictable, more secure, more measurable. Perfectly understandable, but not really conducive to discovery. For artmaking to flourish these tendencies need to be recognised and reined in.

Know Thyself

Cultural development within bureaucracies

Lives of Artists

Approaches to surviving while making art: It's no easy thing having an artmaking predisposition. Obsessives find different ways of managing their gift / affliction. Here are some.

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Speeches & Papers





Navigating Through the Pillars: are we coming closer to culture?
download pdf

A conversation between Jordi Pascual and Jon Hawkes, 26/3/14, for a publication by the European Cultural Foundation celebrating 15 years of capacity building


High Culture
download pdf

My response to attending the UNESCO conference in Hangzhou


Shaping Policies
download pdf

Short presentation at UNESCO's International Congress on Culture and Sustainable Development, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China


Why This Work Is Important
download pdf

Paper for CANWA publication 'Growing Communities: arts and culture in local government', 2012


Making Sense Together
OR download pdf

Keynote address at 'My City's Still Breathing: a symposium exploring the arts, artists and the city' for the Winnipeg Arts Council as part of Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada program.


A Notional Cultural Framework & Arts Policy
OR download pdf

Prepared for the Cultural Development Network as a response to the call by the Minister for the Arts, Peter Garrett, for input to the development of a 'National Cultural Policy to 2020'.


Cultural planning in local government

Some links to web-based examples of this.


The Social Responbilities Of Public Galleries
OR download pdf

Keynote speech at 'Into the Future', a forum organised by the Public Galleries Association of Victoria as part of their AGM in the Benalla Art Gallery


The Impact of Music
OR download pdf

The outline of a twelve part lecture series designed for, and presented within, the Music Faculty of the University of Melbourne as part of its 'breadth' subject offerings.


Challenges for local cultural development
Or download pdf

Paper for the Barcelona Institute of Culture


Creative democracy
Or download pdf

Address at Interaccio '06; Community Cultural Policies; Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona, 24-27 October 2006


Why Should I Care?: Participation is fundamental to engagement
Or download pdf

An 'invited reflection' in Museums & Social Issues, A Journal of Reflective Discourse; A Culture of Sustainability 1(2) Fall 2006, California


The hammer of justice
Or download pdf

Presentation to Music, Community, Justice: Australian sounds, a one-day conference hosted by La Trobe University in association with the Gorgeous Voices Festival and St. Luke's, Bendigo, Friday September 8th, 2006 at the Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo


Let Them Eat Culture or Here Comes Another Bandwagon
Or download pdf

Presentation to 'The Fourth Pillar Conference' for the Cultural Development Network at the Melbourne Town Hall


Cultural implications of sustainability
Or download pdf

Presentation to the Coastal Sustainability Forum hosted by the Victorian Coastal Council at Atlantic South Wharf, Melbourne


Heritage & Culture
Or download pdf

Presentation to the Heritage Parks monthly meeting, Ballarat


Community, Culture & Creativity
Or download pdf

Presentation to the Community Development, Human Rights and the Grassroots Conference, hosted by the Centre for Citizenship & Human Rights, Deakin University at the YWCA Conference Centre, Melbourne


Social Plan, Cultural Policy
Or download pdf

Address to Seminar and AGM, Metropolitan Public Libraries Association of NSW at Novotel, Olympic Park, Homebush


The Link Between Culture and Environment
Or download pdf

Keynote speech at the Outback Summit, the 15th National Conference of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand held in Broken Hill


Community Cultural Development according to Adams & Goldbard
Or download pdf

Article for Artwork, Issue #56


The Challenge of Active Community Engagement
Or download pdf

Presentation to 'Grass Roots: communities, collections, councils', a forum organised by the Public Galleries Association of Victoria, Museums Australia (Vic) & the Cultural Development Network (Vic)


Comments on Charles Landry's 'International Perspectives on Cultural Policies'
Or download pdf

Landry was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to provide it with an analysis of city-focused cultural polices across the world in order to inform the City's proposed development of a cultural policy.


Understanding Culture
Or download pdf

Address to the National Local Government Community Development Conference. 'Just & Vibrant Communities' hosted by the LGCSAA, Townsville, Queensland


Governance and Engagement
Or download pdf

Address to the City of Port Phillip symposium, 'Beyond Cultural Policy'


The Right to Participate
Or download pdf

Presentation at 'A Different Edge', an industry seminar held as part of the Art of Difference Festival, Gasworks Park, St Kilda


Shaping arts training in response to community needs
Or download pdf

Speech at 'Creating Connections', an arts industry forum hosted by ARTV & CREATE at the North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House


Creative Engagement
Or download pdf

Speech at Groundswell, Regional Arts Australia National Conference, Albury


Delivering long term sustainable social change through the arts
Or download pdf

Speech to the Social Inclusion & the Arts forum, Arts SA

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Other People's Work





Towards a national cultural policy
Or download pdf

Australia's Arts Minister, Peter Garrett, launches what he hopes will become a 'national dialogue' on cultural policy


Proposal of a new cultural policy profile
Or download pdf

Jordi Pascual's reasons for a new cultural policy profile along with an excellent organisational chart


Community Cultural Development according to Adams & Goldbard
Or download pdf

The principles and core beliefs underpinning ccd


The social impact of participation in the arts
Or download pdf

Francois Matarasso puts the case for supporting participatory arts projects as arising principally from their contribution to social policy objectives

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