Framework for Cultural Development Planning

What is a cultural development plan?

A cultural development plan plans for rich, vibrant cultures in your communities, using an evidence based, outcome focused approach. This plan should respond to your overall Council Plan, and is supported by Annual Business Plans for the department, project plans for specific activities and individual staff work plans. This resource is designed to support cultural development staff to create competent plans. This resource can help you;

Create a new Cultural Development Plan

  1. Read through the Background pages to gain an understanding of the ideas that underpin the Framework.
  2. Begin Creating your own plan by using the Principles 1 to 6, in order.
  3. Complete the Action Steps on each page to create your plan.

Assess an existing plan

Consult resources

  • Most pages have a list of specific resources related to the topic. CDN’s publications page provides a range of additional resources relevant to cultural development planning in Australia.

Seek support

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