ReGenerating Community Conference
Sept 2 - 4, 2009. RMIT University, Melbourne

Conference Proceedings

This page contains papers from presenters, and video and sound recordings of the presentations. Selected articles have been published in a special edition of RMIT's Local Global Journal.



Local Global Journal: Special Edition: 'Arts, Community and Governance'
CDN and RMIT's Globalism Research Centre are pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of the Local Global Journal. This journal features keynote presentations, peer-reviewed and practitioner articles based on presentations made at the ReGenerating Community: Arts, Community and Governance National Conference held in Melbourne in September 2009. The journal provides a great range of articles addressing the major issues of the conference: how can community relationships be built across the divide of those who govern and those who are governed? how can the arts address issues of relevance for communities across Australia and the world?

Papers included in the journal:

Foreword: Excellence in civic engagement
Kathy Keele, CEO Australia Council for the Arts

Martin Mulligan and Kim Dunphy

Lead essays

Finding the golden mean: the middle path between community imagination and individual creativity
Anmol Vellani

Contemplating community: notes from a singer on the road
Robyn Archer

Life is more than a set of commodities: response to Robyn Archer
Jane Crawley

Art, governance and the turn to community: key findings from the research on the Generations Project
Martin Mulligan and Pia Smith

The world in the village: lessons from K.V. Subbana’s inspirational life in theatre and community
Anmol Vellani

The great good neighbour: expanding the community role of arts organisations
Lyz Crane

Research papers

Mapping culture, creating places: collisions of science and art
Chris Gibson

The case for ‘socially engaged arts’: navigating art history, cultural development and arts funding narratives
Marnie Badham

How can the impact of cultural development work in local government be measured? Towards more effective planning and evaluation strategies
Kim Dunphy

Remembering and un-remembering a century of prairie settlement: community-triggered performance
Kathleen Irwin

Creating a profile: reworking ‘community’ at Footscray Community Arts Centre
Rimi Khan

The hindrance of holding a raw egg: storytelling and the liminal space
Iris Curteis

Realigning community, culture and development in dispersed urban settings
Shanene Ditton

Practitioners’ perspectives

Holding the space: the Seagrass Model
Ian Cuming

The inclusive aesthetic: inclusion is not just good for our health, it is good for our art
Myfanwy Powell


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A Methodology for Determining the Role of the Arts in Rural Resilience: Applications, Dilemmas and Solutions in the Measurement of Arts Impact in Communities
Julia Anwar McHenry, PhD Candidate, Institute for Regional Development University of Western Australia

Religion, Division & Community: A West Australian case study
Veronica Brady, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of English and Cultural
Studies, University of Western Australia

Why Should Local Government Pay?
Dr Kevin Johnson, Economic geographer and partner, Geografia consultants

Processes of Circularity: Permapoesis and the Shed of Interrelation
Patrick Jones, Artist

The New Nexus Between Art, Community and Government
Anthony McInneny, Lecturer, RMIT University, School of Art, Art in Public Space and Co-ordinator, Cultural Services, City of Knox

Young People, Rural Places and the Desire to Make a Change
Brittany Moxham, Musical Director and Producer, Karratha Youth Theatre, WA

The Power of Being There - Reflections of a Community Artist
Angie Russi, freelance visual artist, community cultural development
worker, Community Education Officer, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery

The Central Place Of The Arts In Redland City Council’s Major Community Planning Process - Redlands 2030
Judy Spokes, Senior Advisor Cultural Services, Redland City Council, Qld

Creative Friction: Disrupting The Boundaries Of ‘Art’ And ‘Community Art’
Victoria Stead, Writer, social researcher and PhD candidate, Globalism Research Centre, RMIT University

What Local Government and Indigenous Community Factors are Involved In the Production of a Metropolitan Indigenous Festival Program?
Bo Svoronos, Indigenous Arts Officer, City of Port Phillip

The Quiet Approach: exploring the success of the Stepping Stones Indigenous Arts Project
Merryn Tinkler, Arts Development Coordinator, Frankston Arts Centre

One Cuppa: A Thousand Stories: The ritual of sharing life experiences over a cuppa
Julie Tipene-O’Toole, Storyteller and visual artist


Videos of keynote speakers

Watch the videos of the talk

Contemplating Community: Notes from a singer on the road
Opening Keynote Address
Robyn Archer, Singer, artistic director, and public advocate for the arts

Watch the videos of this talk

Response to Robyn Archer: Just Do It and Be Confused
Jane Crawley, Acting Manager, Arts and Culture, City of Melbourne

Watch the videos of this talk

Excellence in Civic Engagement
Opening address
Kathy Keele, CEO, Australia Council

Watch the videos of this talk

The World in the Village: K.V. Subbanna's Life in Theatre and Community
Anmol Vellani, Director, India Foundation for the Arts

Watch a video of this talk

The Great Good Neighbour: Expanding the Community Role of Arts Organizations
Lyz Crane, Director, Program Development Partners for Livable Communities, USA

Watch a video of this talk

Learnings from the Generations Project: Art, Governance and the the Turn to Community: Putting Art at the Heart of Local Government
Martin Mulligan and Pia Smith, Globalism Research Centre, RMIT University


Arts and Social Inclusion - 1:04:19

Inclusion is Not Just Good for our Health; it is good for our art
Myfanwy Powell
, Artistic Director, City of Voices Theatre Company

Making Marks: mental health and the arts in the outer east
Santha Press
, Co-ordinator, Mental Health Program, Arts Access Victoria

Realigning Community, Culture and Development in Dispersed Urban Settings
Shanene Ditton
, PhD Candidate, Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, Griffith University


Arts and Civic Engagement - 1:01:56

Border Crossing Towards Belonging
Liss Gabb
, Coordinator, Arts and Culture Program, North Richmond Community Health Centre

The Artist Collective: Collectively collaborating for community, cultural and social change
Tiffaney Bishop
, photographic artist, Dandenong Ranges Community Cultural Centre

A Share in the Commons: equitable access as a function of civic engagement
Dean Merlino
, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, CCD Program, University of Melbourne


Ways of Working with Cultural Diversity - 1:07:58

How Creative Processes at the Immigration Museum Can Mobilise Communities for Positive Social Change
Nadya Tkachenko
, Program Manager, Community Engagement, Immigration Museum

I to You - Passages of Encounter
Jude Anderson
, Artistic Director, Punctum


Not Just a Hero on a Horse: Art in the Public Domain (Panel Discussion) - 3:02:40

Dr Andrew Shoben, Greyworld Artists' Collective, Goldsmiths University London, UK
Lloyd Godman, artist, Carbon Obscura
Tania Blackwell, Co-ordinator, Arts and Culture, Hobsons Bay City Council
Glenn Romanis, artist