Presentation & Field Trip: Culture & Development Planning, John Smithies & Holly Schauble, 1 June 2017, Urban and Resilience Program, RMIT University

Coordinated by the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme, RMIT and AECOM, for the first time, organisations across the state – including the Victorian Government, City West Water and Resilient Melbourne – came together to deliver the Bangkok Metropolitan Government (BMA) Urban and Resilience Program for 22 Bangkok city leaders.

The two-week BMA Urban and Resilience Program focused on empowering Bangkok to tackle livability through customised seminars, workshops and site visits.

The program explored solutions within the five components of livability identified in Bangkok’s 20-year development plan: healthcare, infrastructure, culture and environment, education, stability as well as an extra module on creative economic education.

Experts from across RMIT’s urban and planning fields shared their research and expertise on placemaking, spatial mapping, metro planning, and culture and development, as well as leading hands-on capacity development workshops to inspire Bangkok’s leaders on ways to tackle the livability challenges facing them.

CDN Executive Officer presented on CDN’s Cultural Development Planning Framework and lead a field trip for delegates visiting a Victorian council to demonstrate how cultural development is applied to local and sustainable community development.