Services and Support

Our Tools

CDN is recognised for its expertise in cultural development planning, research and evaluation. We have three key research outputs that are currently being trialled in the arts and culture sector. These include:

  1. CDN’s Framework for Cultural Development Planning: underpinned by the following six connected planning principles; based on values, directed towards goals, focussed on outcomes, informed by evidence, underpinned by a theory of change and respondent to evaluation.
  2. CDN’s Schema of Measurable Cultural Outcomes: includes outcomes that measure creativity, aesthetic enrichment, insight, the appreciation of diversity of cultural expression, and cultural belonging.
  3. WhiteBox (limited trials and access): organised into the eight common stages, or attributes, that all activities share, including identification of outcomes, an evidence base and a theory of change.

The coming together of all three tools creates a planning and evaluation framework and activity builder for our sector.

Our Services

Some councils and arts organisations wishing to embed this framework into their practice may be seeking more comprehensive support and advice than what is offered through our reference site. When this is the case, there are a number of support services CDN can provide, varying in levels of support including: 

Free Planning Doctor Service

CDN offers a Planning Doctor Service for all councils and arts organisations wishing to build their cultural development plan based on the CDN Framework. This is a free service and extends to email advice, over the phone advice, teleconference meetings and requesting feedback on draft plans. We encourage you to make contact in the early stages of developing a draft.

To get in touch with us please email or phone 0491148283 to arrange a time to discuss. 

Online Course on Cultural Development Planning and Evaluation 

CDN is also currently developing a single course in cultural development planning and evaluation with the intention being to see it embedded into an accredited master level university program.

If you would like to register your interest in enroling in this course, please email

Consultancy Services and Training

CDN offers a consultancy service to governments, arts companies and institutions wishing to upskill and embed the planning and evaluation framework into their practice. Services include research and evaluations, project and strategic planning and consultations. Our intention is to transfer knowledge about these frameworks to the sector, therefore all our services are designed and delivered to upskill organisations and councils. With this approach, future iterations can be managed and implemented by practitioners experienced in working to the framework. 

To get in touch with us please email or phone 0491148283 to arrange a time to discuss.