Arts Ready

ArtsReady supporting local employment in the creative sector through partnership with Local Government

Creating Arts and creative career pathways for young people across Australia.
arts ready
ArtsReady promotes a traineeship model to encourage young people to get a flavour of the arts and creative industries. The traineeship model supports the young person to take that first career step through hands on experience in today’s workplace, as well as achieving a nationally accredited qualification.

A key objective of ArtsReady is to support local employment through partnerships with Local Government.

A partnership between ArtsReady, your council and a trainee can add value to your programs as well as launching the career of a young Australian.

The advantages of adopting an ArtsReady program include:
– Supporting cultural development through the arts
– Developing local career pathways
– Contributing to local workforce and skills development

We see Local Government, which is such a strong supporter of the local arts and creative sector, as a perfect partner for the ArtsReady program. We believe that working together to support cultural development through the arts and creative industries, we can form a partnership that will develop local career pathways and contribute to local workforce and skills development.

ArtsReady is a program of AFL SportsReady and is supported by the Australian Government.

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