Forum: The Art and Craft of Research in Communities, Melbourne, April 2006

Half- day seminar at VicHealth, Carlton

A half-day seminar was directed at researchers working in community based arts programs. It addressed issues about the process and application of research through formal presentation and discussion.

Topics included;
How can our work:
– lead to better outcomes for audiences, participants and communities?
– engage practitioners, arts organisations and local government?
– impact funding priorities?
– influence policy decisions?


Kim Dunphy, Manager, Cultural Development Network: ‘The full circle – research, practice and art – making it come together’

Dr. Deborah Warr, Research fellow, Centre for Health and Society, University of Melbourne. ‘True Stories: The Importance Of Research As Praxis’

Dr. Deb Warr is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health and Society at the University of Melbourne. Her research is concerned with social contexts for health-related issues and, in particular, those associated with circumstances of socio-economic disadvantage. She has recently completed research for a Neighbourhood Renewal Project, and the Department of Victorian Communities.

Ms Sue Hartigan, Geelong Arts Alliance and Back to Back Theatre Company,
‘Outcomes of a research project on communities and organisations in north Geelong’

Professor Paul James, Director, Globalism Institute:
‘The big picture – tying together policy and practice’