New VicHealth report: MOTION: Arts, physicality and fun

VicHealth’s MOTION program aims to engage people in fun and physically active arts that increase social connectedness. These seven projects combine arts, activity and fun. Creative and playful installations and events include: The Giant Theremin, Tangle, Dance with me, 52 Flashmobs in 52 weeks, Crowd Play, Roll up cycling valet service and Atelier Edens.


Arts Leadership: International Case Studies is an edited collection of international case studies discussing approaches to arts leadership and management. Cases drawn from: the UK, Serbia, Canada, the US, Russia, Australia, Denmark, Singapore and Finland. Information:


Berry Street and Effective Change, 2012 ‘Evaluation of the Cartwheels Cathedral Ranges Project’. The evaluation of the Cartwheels project to assist with recovery, and develop mental health and social-emotional wellbeing of young people, working through visual and performing arts following the Victorian bushfires in 2009. Visit: or


Article: Tony Ward: “The battle for Melbourne’s soul: Sporting Capital or International City of Culture?” The Footy Almanac. Tony Ward, Milbur Consulting,


VCI Discussion Paper – ‘Measuring Wellbeing, Engaging Communities.
| Rationale & Background | Consultations & Outcomes from Local Government Forums | Background Papers | Draft & Strategy Papers |
A draft discussion paper, ‘Measuring Wellbeing, Engaging Communities’ has been developed to gather input and suggestions on a sustainable strategy for the measurement of wellbeing and community indicators by Victorian local governments.

Publication of the first issue of the new journal, Art & the Public Sphere. The journal provides a new platform for academics, artists, curators, art historians and theorists, whose working practices are broadly concerned with contemporary art’s relation to the public sphere.

Guest editors: Nancy Duxbury, Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra, Portugal
M. Sharon Jeannotte, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa, Canada. The wide-spread shift to a sustainability paradigm for city planning makes this an important point in time to explore the integration of cultural considerations into broader sustainability policy and planning initiatives and the alignment of cultural planning with community sustainability approaches and goals. The diverse articles in this special issue of Culture and Local Governance highlight the value of a ‘wide lens’ in understanding how culture and sustainability fit together in a variety of settings.

The White Paper is the main outcome of the activities organized by the “Museums and Municipalities”, a European Policy Analysis Group initiated by ENCATC members in April 2010 and supported by the European Commission under the Culture Programme. The document underscores the synergies and differences relating to the analysis of the museums’ missions and to the shared expectations of museums and municipalities. An international conference organized by ENCATC in Brussels on December 10th 2010 which brought together over 100 participants also provided the opportunity to review and debate the contributions received and to consolidate the audience’s concrete proposals andbest practices into the drafting of the White Paper. Information: