Research Reports

CDN undertakes a range of research projects that contribute to our aims of promoting cultural vitality.

‘When culture counts’ by John Smithies in Multiple Perspectives on Culture Counts, Cultural Trends, Volume 26,  Issue 4, November 2017

The introduction of the Culture Counts system in Australia has disturbed the cultural sector (arts, libraries and heritage) as it highlighted the existing lack of consistent, and therefore meaningful, evaluation of cultural activities.

In this opinion piece, Smithies writes in defence of Culture Counts as an innovative technology that set out to solve the problem of understanding how audiences, peers and artists think about the quality of work, and has since included broader impacts. However, in advance of this defence, he summarises the position of Cultural Development Network (CDN) – which is that the quality of the “work” to any group is not the most important aspect to measure. Read more

Cultural impact assessment: a systematic literature review of current methods and practice around the world, 2016.
Adriana Partal and Kim Dunphy.
This article presents the results of a systematic literature review on applications of cultural impact assessment (CIA) internationally.

Analysis of Victorian councils’ Cultural Development Plans, 2015
Kim Dunphy and Leda Yazgin
This report presents the findings of an assessment of cultural development plans published by councils across Victoria, based on their alignment with principles for cultural development planning in CDN’s Framework for Cultural Development Planning.

Findings of survey of Victorian councils’ cultural development activity, 2015
Kim Dunphy, John Smithies et al
This report presents the findings of a survey of Victorian councils undertaken in 2014-2015, about cultural development planning, cultural facilities, leadership of communities in cultural development and planning, and engagement of artists.

A holistic framework of evaluation for arts engagement, 2015.
Kim Dunphy.
This chapter proposes a holistic framework for evaluating the outcomes of arts engagement, across the domains of cultural, social, civic, environmental and economic.

Making Arts Central in a regional Australian community, 2015.
Cynthia Lam
This short article offers a discussion of the Arts Central project that was established to build a vibrant and culturally active community in central Victoria, Australia.

Frameworks for cultural development projects, 2015.
John Smithies and Kim Dunphy.
This chapter offers two frameworks developed for the specific context of cultural development in local government: a set of planning principles, and key stakeholder groups and the dynamic relationships between them.

Local councils, the arts and reconciliation, 2014.
Emma Asscher
This report explores ways the local councils in Victoria are contributing to reconciliation in their communities by using the arts as a vehicle.

Evaluating outcomes of arts engagement: a holistic model, 2014.
Dr. Kim Dunphy
Overview of paper presented at ENCATC Advanced Seminar: Rethinking Cultural Evaluation: Going Beyond GDP, Paris, 22 October 2014.

Cultural data for local government: research report, 2014.
Leda Yazgin and Kim Dunphy
This report provides a review of data about culture, including the arts, from across Australia that local government might use for planning and evaluation. 

Cultural planning practices in local government in Victoria, 2013.
Kim Dunphy, Lyndall Metzke and Linda Tavelli
Results of a state-wide survey about cultural planning practices in local government across Victoria.

Cultural impact assessment: international literature review, 2013
Kim Dunphy and Adriana Partal
This reports offers a short summary of findings of an international literature review on cultural impact assessment.

The art of cultural development, 2012.
John Smithies
CDN’s Director discusses how arts policies can help councils build stronger better connected communities in an issue of Local Government Managers Australia.

Measuring the contribution of culture, 2012.
Kim Dunphy
CDN’s Manager documents progress about indicators for councils’ investment in cultural activities in an issue of Local Government Managers Australia.

Art, Governance and the Turn to Community: Putting Art at the Heart of Local Government, 2010.
Martin Mulligan and Pia Smith
This report details findings of the Generations research project that sought to explore links between engagement in community based arts activities and active civic engagement. 

Informed Consent and the Arts, 2010.
Pia Smith and John Smithies
Literature review and guidelines for participants consent in community-based arts projects. CDN for VicHealth

International literature review on cultural and arts indicators, focussing on local government, 2010. 
Kim Dunphy for CDN

Draft framework of arts indicators for local government, Part 1 &  Part 2, 2010.
Kim Dunphy for CDN

How can the impact of cultural development work in local government be measured: towards more effective planning and evaluation strategies, 2010.
Kim Dunphy
Article in Local-Global journal, ReGenerating Community: Arts, community and governance, Vol. 7

Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Arts and Creativity, international research report, 2009.
Kim Dunphy
This chapter investigates the revitalisation of rural communities through arts and creativity.

Picture This: Increasing the cultural participation of people with a disability in Victoria, 2009.
Cultural Development Network
Literature Review and community consultation, for the Office for Disability, Arts Victoria and Department of Human Services.