Active citizenship, leadership stimulated

1. Sense of community belonging or civic pride enhanced
2. Useful connections between groups in the community increased
3. Sense of a positive future for community inspired
4. Active citizenship, leadership stimulated



This outcome is about how engagement in cultural activities can stimulate a spectrum of active citizenship and engagement in governance processes, from membership of local organisations and decision-making bodies, to enhancement of engagement in political processes, to leadership.

This might include change in participation (e.g., numbers, new voices, less likely participants engaged); change in public awareness or understanding of a civic issue; shifts in thinking and attitudes about an issue; movement toward action or change on the issue or policy; change among participants in a sense of self-efficacy or collective efficacy to take action; change in quality of or capacity for civic dialogue; or change in the way civic leaders engaged with citizens and stakeholders; change in media coverage or representation of the issue.