Change log

This section documents the development of the outcomes framework, indicating when changes were made and the reasons.


April: ‘Alignment with other evaluation schema’ sections from the outcomes as no longer helpful.


September: the policy domain civic was changed to governance, to better parallel the other five domains of culture, society, economy and environment. 


December 12: social domain measure of Satisfying relationships collapsed with Bonding capital; new measure of Sense of safety added

definition of measure in civic domain changed to from Sense of community belonging to Sense of community belonging or civic pride enhanced

definition of measure in cultural domain:  New knowledge, ideas and insights gained changed, to say New knowledge, ideas and insights generated and shared; and learning and educational experiences changed to creative thinking experiences.

Measures in economic domain changed: Visitor direct expenditure generated and Visitor indirect expenditure generated are deleted because they are outputs, not outcomes, which contribute to outcome of patronising of local businesses.

December 8: definition of measure of Stimulation updated to ensure that ‘participants’ is also understood as including artists of all levels of experience.

Extra columns added: Processes that contribute to this outcome and Evidence from the literature that this outcome occurs. Data to be entered in these columns over time.

November: measures adopted by Creative Victoria to measure outcomes achieved by 90 funded organisations in the OIP program. This will provide the first set of data using the measures.

April 28:  National Local Government Cultural Forum endorses the five measurable outcomes for trial

March 16: Six measurable cultural outcomes are reduced to five: creativity enacted and creativity stimulated were collapsed into one.

March 9: A roundtable meeting of CDN and representatives from the policy development areas of the Commonwealth Ministry for the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts met to finalise the scheme for presentation to the Cultural Forum

Feb 10: revision of whole site. New information added to underpin ideas presented

Feb 7: Description page changed to better explain the ideas

Feb 6: Work with Zaps programmers in Darwin, integrating the outcomes into the on-line project builder and recorder for the National Local Government Cultural Forum. JS


November – December: Work continues off-line refining the outcomes in policy domains other than culture.

October: Outcome ‘Sense of connection to place enabled’ from Culture to Environment, leaving six measurable outcomes in the cultural policy domain

September: Microsite and this change log established to document updates to the outcomes schema

May: CDN met with Ministry for the Arts and Australia Council for the Arts to initiate the discussion about defining measurable outcomes

January: The cultural development managers from Australian capital cities met in Melbourne to commence the definition of a dataset of inputs, outputs and outcomes for local government’s cultural development

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