Public Forum: International Perspectives, Melbourne, December 2010

Arts residencies in the Asian Century
Asialink Arts Residency Program
presented by the Cultural Development Network, City of Melbourne and Asialink


This forum presented the work of three artists’ Asialink residencies and provided information about opportunities for artistic collaborations with organisations and artists in Asia.

Lesley Alway, Director, Arts Asialink, outlined the Asialink arts residencies program. She explained the structure and process for applications, past recipients, reporting requirements, outcomes and future directions for the program.

Allyson Hose (Literature): writer, editor and researcher who has worked extensively in book and web publishing and in community organisations spoke about her residency in Phnom Penh with host organisation the Nou Hach Literary Association, a Cambodian NGO that promoted Cambodian literature. During her residency she spoke at an international writers’ conference, coordinated short story workshops with local writers, established the first Cambodian pen group and participated in a panel discussion on reading and writing organised by the National Library in Cambodia. Her own work produced during this residency included a short story, a children’s book and her first novel. Allyson is currently completing her first novel, which was set in Cambodia in the early 1990s during the United Nation’s peacekeeping operation.

Rod Cooper (Performing Arts): Melbourne-based sound artist, artist, instrument builder, recording artist and performer with a background in fine art, furniture design and arts education. Rod discussed his residency with host organisations Principle of South and Performance Klub based in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. During his residency, Rod spent most of his time performing and recording with Wukir Suryadi, a Javanese instrument builder. He observed gong building techniques of the central Javanese makers in Solo and travelled to Bandung and performed with a traditional music group and instrument building community Karingding Militan. Rod reported that the Asialink Residency Program opened up many artistic pathways and influenced the future direction of his career.

Thea Mai Baumann (Arts Management): curator, producer, and media artist.  In 2007, Baumann’s residency was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with artist-led initiative A Little Blah Blah, where she curated, directed, and produced The Last Vestige – a floating junk boat art experience and intervention on the Mekong River, and a series of satellite screenings about Australian contemporary video art in Saigon nightclubs. The Last Vestige explored contemporary curatorial models related to theories of the Temporary Autonomous Zone and piracy. Between 2007 and 2008, Baumann was awarded a Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Fellowship to live in Beijing where she researched Asian contemporary art and performance and created curatorial networks with China’s arts community.

More information about Asialink Arts Residency Program

Thea Baumann presentation.

Thea Baumann presentation.

Rod Cooper with forum attendees.

Rod Cooper (right) discusses issues following the Forum.