Culture and Community Researchers’ Network, November 2011

Presenter: Poppy de Souza, Video-as-process: experiments in thinking with a video camera


Thursday 3 November, 3.30-­5.30,
Cardinia Room, Level 8, CH2, 240 Lt Collins St, Melbourne

Video-as-process: experiments in thinking with a video camera,
Poppy de Souza
The idea of ‘walking with video’, according to Sarah Pink, implies an engagement with a ‘world in progress’ (Pink, 2007, 249) which is constantly being reshaped both in the imagination and through human action. Videomaking for Pink becomes a process which gathers together people, things, sensory and embodied experiences in and along complex and intricate paths of meaning-making in movement and in place.  Here, audiovisual media is a generator of meaning and knowledge – one which finds itself in the gesture of its own unfolding. Video-as-process opens up ways of thinking about video which can explore questions of becoming: through entanglement with the medium (for the researcher and the research subject), we may begin to reveal something of ourselves and our place in the world.  Drawing on some of Sarah Pink’s recent work on sensory ethnography and video, I will reflect on my own experiments in video-as-process (or process video) as part of my fieldwork exploring questions of voice with long-term caravan park residents living on Melbourne’s urban fringes.

Poppy de Souza is a community-based artsworker and creative researcher currently undertaking a practice-led PhD at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships at the University of Melbourne.  Her research is focused on questions of voice and process for populations living on the social, cultural or political fringes of society.


2011 Program – the Culture & Community Researchers’ Network