Professional Development Forum: Cultural Development Planning in Local Government in Victoria, 2015

Municipal Association of Victoria, Melbourne, May 2015

This forum built on last year’s series on cultural development planning that involved 75 staff and elected representatives from 50 Victorian councils. It offered extended material from last year’s series and a refresher of concepts presented in the 2014 series. (more…)

Forum: Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network Forum, 2014

Enhancing Cultural Wellbeing and Cultural Citizenship Through the Arts, October 30, 2014 at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka

This event was presented by the Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network with the Municipal Association of Victoria, the Cultural Development Network and Multicultural Arts Victoria, and hosted by City of Ballarat and supported by City of Melbourne, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Monash and Brimbank City Council. (more…)

Public Forum and consultation: Vital Signs, Melbourne, March 2014

Cultural indicators for Australia: local and national approaches, 13 March, 2014, RMIT University

What to measure and how to measure it has been an ongoing challenge in the cultural sector. The Vital Signs public forum organized by Arts Victoria and the Cultural Development Network in March 2014 provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share information about the collection and use of cultural data. This formed part of national consultations on the Vital Signs paper on national cultural indicators. (more…)

Forum series: Cultural Planning Forums Across Victoria Wrap Up, 2014

MAV Logo 1

In July, the CDN team competed the final in our series of 15 forums on cultural development planning for local government. The last event in Melbourne on July 30 was followed by an information session for other stakeholders in the cultural planning process. Elected representatives, CEOs, senior managers, local leaders and local artists from across Victoria attended the event to hear from John Smithies, CDN’s Director, about the framework for cultural development planning that CDN and participants worked on together over the three month series. The engagement of councils in the series was very encouraging, with more than 50 of Victoria’s 79 councils participating over the period.


Workshop: Approaches to planning and evaluation for local cultural development, August 2013

Presented by Murray Arts and the Cultural Development Network


Public Forum: Practitioners’ Voices – artists in community settings, Melbourne, May 2012

A unique forum on practice for professional artists working in community. What we do and why it matters.


Public Forum: Arts, Local Government & Climate Change, Arts Talk, Melbourne, May 2011

Exploring ways that local councils are using the arts to address issues of environmental sustainability, especially climate change, through the arts.


Public Forum: Home Lands, Arts Talks, March 2011

Constructing home and identity with young people from refugee backgrounds through media and technology.


Public Forum: International Perspectives, Melbourne, December 2010

Arts residencies in the Asian Century
Asialink Arts Residency Program
presented by the Cultural Development Network, City of Melbourne and Asialink


Public Forum: Gettin’ It Right, Melbourne, June 2010

Community consent and the arts


Artists’ Talk: The International Perspective, Melbourne, December 2010

Artists and artsworkers talk about their experiences overseas


Public forum: Indigenous Arts Programs, Melbourne, November 2010

Models for engagement in local government


Public forum: Meet, Meld, Merge II, Yea, Victoria, May 2009

Arts Bringing Communities Together


Artist’s Talk: Meet the artist, Melbourne, January 2009

Community artist Michael Needham from the UK


Artists’ talk: The International Perspective, Melbourne, December 2009

Artists and artsworkers talk about their experiences overseas


Public Forum: Homelessness and Cultural Democracy, August 2008

The rights of homeless individuals and families to participate in the cultural life of the community


Public Forum: Networking the Diaspora, October 2008

Communication between dispersed communities


Public Forum & Walking Tour: Permissible Art, North Melbourne, April 2008

Discusses the production of graffiti, its regulation by local government and its place in urban culture


Artists’ Talk: The International Perspective, December 2008

Artists discuss community-based arts initiatives overseas


Public Forum: Social Action Theatre with David Diamond, October 2008

What role does social action theatre play in making change in the lives of participants?


Public Forum: Rising Above It All, Melbourne, May 2007

Vertical Communities and Cultures


Workshop: Cultural Planning and Cultural Indicators, March 2007

An interactive workshop for cultural planners: How can we measure what we have planned?


Artists’ Talk: The International Context, Melbourne, December 2006

Artsworkers who have recently travelled overseas to study the role of arts in communities. (more…)

Workshop: Connect!, Warragul, November 2006

How to Use Art to Build Better Communities (more…)

Forum: A case study and dialogue, Melbourne, November 2006

How can research enrich arts practices in local communities? (more…)

Artists’ Talk: Popular Culture, Art And Community Cultural Development, Footscray, November 2006

Footscray Community Arts Centre (more…)

Forum: Conversations at the Watchhouse, Melbourne, October 2006

October 2006, Melbourne (more…)

Forum: Meet, Meld, Merge, Yea, Victoria, September 2006

Art bringing people together (more…)

Forum: Engaging Communities Through the Arts, Horsham, July 2006

July 2006, Horsham (more…)

Forum: Artivism: the role of arts in regeneration, Melbourne, June 2006

Melbourne Town Hall (more…)

Forum: The Art and Craft of Research in Communities, Melbourne, April 2006

Half- day seminar at VicHealth, Carlton (more…)

Forum: Community dance, Horsham, April 2006

Working with young people in a community context (more…)

Forum: Opening the cocoon, Mornington, April 2006

Arts, culture & community on the Mornington Peninsula (more…)

Forum: The Arts and Community in the 21st Century, Melbourne, Feburary 2006

Featuring Bill Cleveland, Director of the Center for the Study of Art and Community, Seattle, USA (more…)

Artist’s Talk and workshop: Dance in the Community: a current perspective , February 2006

with Petra Kuppers, community dance artist and disability advocate (more…)

Forum: The international context, Melbourne, December 2005

community based arts initiatives in Europe, USA & the UK (more…)

Forum: Just Culture: Arts and social change, Melbourne, October 2005

Hilton on the Park (more…)

Roundtable discussions on Arts, Local Government & Community Strengthening, Melbourne, August 2005

Melbourne (more…)

Forum: David Diamond, Melbourne, June 2005

Theatre for Living: why should communities speak? (more…)

Not Just for Arts Sake

St. Kilda, March 2005
Community Arts Working and Thinking (more…)

Building communities through engagement, art and urban design

Wednesday 23 February 2005, presented by VicHealth and Cultural Development Network (more…)

Forums 2004-2001

The Art of Engagement: Arts, Culture and Social Capital
December 2004, Nauru House, Melbourne, presented in partnership with the Department for Victorian Communities.

A forum for state government policy makers and service deliverers.

Growing Resilience: Sowing Seeds of Hope and Empowerment
at the Community and Social Planners Conference August 2004
at the Hume Global Learning Centre in Broadmeadows, with the VLGA and the City of Hume

Just Talkin’
August 2004, an informal gathering of northern artsworkers with Murray Arts

Imagining New Partnerships – Artists, Schools and Communities
October 2003, Melbourne Town Hall, with the City of Melbourne’s Conversations Program

Community, Arts and Wellbeing Think Tank
September 2003, Melbourne Town Hall with the Community Cultural Development Board

Grass Roots: Communities, Collections and Councils
August 2003, with Museums Australia (Victoria) and the Public Galleries Association of Victoria at the Ian Potter Museum of Art

Building Communities: Arts, Culture and Public Housing
May 2003, Melbourne Town Hall, with the North Richmond Community Health Centre and Department of Human Services Neighbourhood Renewal Unit (check out: Public Art Public Housing)

Arts, Culture and Public Planning
January 2003, with VicHealth’s Arts and Environment Program

Community Cultural Development Through Dance
November 2002, with Ausdance at the North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House

Councils Cultures Communities
June 2002, with the Victorian Local Government Association

Cultural Action for Community Health
December 2001, with the Centre for Popular Education (UTS)

Creativity and the Future of our Cities
February 2001, North Melbourne Town Hall Arts House – Our first forum brought together urban planning gurus Charles Landry (UK) and Jan Gehl (Denmark) and a panel of Victorian public artists and council staff in a free public forum that attracted 250 people.