Public forum and consultation: Vital Signs

Cultural indicators for Australia: local and national approaches
13 March, 2014, RMIT University

What to measure and how to measure it has been an ongoing challenge in the cultural sector. The Vital Signs public forum organized by Arts Victoria and the Cultural Development Network in March 2014 provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share information about the collection and use of cultural data. This formed part of national consultations on the Vital Signs paper on national cultural indicators.

The excellent attendance from a wide range of sector representatives, from local, to state and federal government; arts practitioners, arts organisations, consultants and researchers was very pleasing, as was the quality of discussion and engagement with the issue of cultural indicators. A report from the event summarising the main points made by the speakers and the discussion about Vital Signs, and a list of resources about cultural data that were discussed on the day are available here.

Also available are powerpoint presentations from all the speakers

• Andrew Middleton, M, NCCRS, ABS – ABS’ practices of data collection

• Judy Morton, Arts Victoria – About Vital Signs: Draft national cultural indicators

• John Smithies, Cultural Development Network – Local government data collection, and the National Local Government Cultural Forum

• Kim Dunphy, Cultural Development Network – forum attendees’ data collection and usage practices

Vital Signs -  Event report and summary

Vital Signs: Cultural Indicators for Australia: document for consultation

Details of resources about cultural data can be found on the complementary Resource Sheet.

Presentations made by CDN staff and associates

This page lists presentations made by CDN staff and associates at events presented by other organisations.

Workshop: Approaches to planning and evaluation for local cultural development, August 2013

Presented by Murray Arts and the Cultural Development Network


Culture and Community Researchers Network 2009 -2012

The Culture and Community Researchers’ Network was a partnership between CDN and Victorian College of the Art and Music’s Centre for Cultural Partnerships.  It brought together researchers from universities in Australia and other countries who were interested in cultural development, social change, creative methodologies, artistic intervention, and/ or community research themes.  In 2013, a new program is being led by VCA-MCM’s Centre for Cultural Partnerships: Social Practice in the Arts Seminar Series.


People and the Planet: Transforming the Future Global Conference, Melbourne, July 2013

The Global Cities Research Institute (RMIT) and the UN Global Compact Cities Programme


Culture and Community Researchers’ Network: November 2012

Dr Aneta Podkalicka: “Youthworx: generating social value through cultural production and enterprise”
Kerrie Schaefer: “Post-capitalism, community and performance in the work of MED Theatre and Theatre Modo.”


Culture and Community Researchers’ Network: October 2012

Arts and Development
Xris Reardon: “The Legacy of Augusto Boal’s work on Theatre of the Oppressed: where have we gone, where we have come to”.
Chris Parkinson: “The ethics and aesthetics of community-based arts practice”.
Cymbeline Buhler: “Peace-­‐Building Theatre in Sri Lanka. First Steps and Considerations”.


Culture and Community Researchers’ Network: September 2012

Presenters: Pamela Bruder: Visual methods: articulating when words fail
Dr Anne Harris:
Ethnocinema and 21st century applied video


Culture and Community Researchers’ Network: August 2012

Presenter: Candice Boyd, PhD Candidate in the Department of Resource Management and Geography and the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, University of Melbourne, The notion of therapeutic space in art, clinical psychology, continental philosophy, and contemporary cultural geography


Culture and Community Researchers’ Network: June 2012

Presenters: Bo Svoronos, PhD Candidate at the Globalism Research Centre, RMIT University,  How Indigenous Festivals Create Spaces for Reciprocity and Community Identity- observing impacts of festival sustainability.
Miriam Fathalla, Masters student in Planning and Community Development, LaTrobe University, Principles of the Burning Man Festival and characteristics of successful community development and engagement.

Culture and Community Researchers’ Network: May 2012

Presenters: Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier: How to reclaim my life in my city? – Towards a manual of small steps to a sustainable urban citizenship and
Joji Mori: Designing Interactive Technologies For Commemorating Tragedy: A Black Saturday Bushfire Case Study