We’ve got several big projects on the boil, all developed over a long time to support local government cultural development professionals to be more effective in their work. None of them are ready for use by the wider profession, but are in trial with individual councils. These include:

  1. Data collection systems
  • Inputs and outputs: A data schema for counting inputs, outputs of local government cultural development activity. This is in the second stage of trials with capital cities across Australia, who are members of the National Local Government Cultural Forum. Once that trial phase (July-September 2016) is completed, other councils across Australia will be invited to participate. The endpoint is an on-line database of investment and activity in cultural development by local government across Australia that can be used by councils themselves as well as funders and policy-makers.
  • Outcomes framework: a method for assessing outcomes of cultural activity. CDN has been developing a system for measuring outcomes of cultural activity, with the National Local Government Cultural Forum, which includes capital cities, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and Ministry for the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts. The first part of this system is a set of five measurable cultural outcomes that we posit cover all cultural outcomes for all cultural activity. Outcomes of cultural activity in the social, economic, environmental and civic domains are still in the first stage of development. More details
  1. Cultural impact assessment framework.
    A related project to the above data collection systems is a framework for cultural impact assessment (CIA). This is being undertaken in response to findings of an international literature review on CIA more details here – that indicated that there is no well established system of CIA in use in local government around the world, although impact assessments in other domains (social, economic and environmental are used frequently. The first outing of these ideas was a presentation made by CDN at the International Conference on Cultural Policy Research in Korea in July 2016. A journal article with full explication of the ideas is in development.
  1. Project planning and recording system for local government cultural development projects.
    This system is in the testing phase and is expected to be trialed with a sample group of councils across Australia in late 2016. More details