Presentation: Cultural Planning Processes in Local Government in Victoria

ACELG Local Government Researchers Forum, Adelaide, June 2013

Presenter: Kim Dunphy, Research Program Manager & Linda Tavelli, Visiting Researcher, Cultural Development Network

The Cultural Development Network was pleased to contribute to research expertise about cultural development in local government at the Researchers’ Forum presented by the Australian Centre for Excellence in Local Government.  The paper presented by Kim Dunphy, drew from research undertaken by Linda Tavelli who worked on a research placement with CDN in late 2012.

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Cultural planning processes in local government in Victoria

Cultural development is a relatively new area of focus in local government, with LGAs increasingly employing practitioners in positions as cultural planners and cultural development workers within dedicated areas of council over the last twenty years.  Because there is as yet no specialist training nor agreed professional standards for this area, practices tend to vary significantly between councils.  The paper presents results of a state-wide survey about cultural planning processes in local government across Victoria: how cultural plans are devised; what principles inform their development; what processes are used to measure outcomes and how cultural development is aligned with other areas of local government’s endeavour.  By developing a picture of the current state of professional activity, this research offers the potential for stronger shared practice, improved collaboration and increasingly shared standards and resources between councils.


About Linda Tavelli: Linda is a Senior Project and Policy Officer for the Cultural Programs and Projects divisions of the Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) in Western Australia. Her role, which she has held for five years, encompasses project and policy development in the areas of regional and Indigenous arts and community collections.  In 2012 Linda undertook a research placement with CDN where with Kim Dunphy, she developed a database of cultural development processes adopted by local government in Victoria. This experience built on the Post Graduate studies Linda completed at Deakin University in Arts and Entertainment Management. Her other work for local government has been the development of Aboriginal Employment strategies, including cross cultural awareness initiatives. Contact: