Public Forum: Social Action Theatre with David Diamond, October 2008

What role does social action theatre play in making change in the lives of participants?

Presented by the Cultural Development Network and Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service.

This event was an exploration of Theatre For Living methods and their application in communities, and the learnings of communities who engage in critical dialogue through theatre. Featured speaker was David Diamond, the award winning Director of Headlines Theatre, Vancouver, Canada and a panel of local practitioners; theatre worker Xris Reardon of Taking Up Space project, research and policy advisor, Dr. Kathy Landvogt from the Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service, family therapist and researcher, John Bamberg from the Centre for Adolescent Health and family worker, Jacqui Sundbery, from the Reconnect Program at Youth Substance Abuse Service.

The forum was attended by a diverse audience of theatre workers and other performers, as well as local government and NGO community workers, therapists, counsellors, activists and academics. Lively discussion followed the presentations, on topics including therapeutic experiences through the arts versus ‘arts therapy’, quality of participation versus quality of outcomes and challenges of sustainable practice.

Forum Report

diamond1 diamond2 diamond3 diamond4

Photo 1: Presenters (L to R) John Bamberg, Kathy Landvogt, Jacqui Sundbery
Photo 2: David Diamond
Photo 3: Forum participants make shapes
Photo 4: David Diamond and participants