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The Cultural Development Network is an independent non-profit organisation that links local government, communities, artists, researchers and related agencies. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. We advocate for the essential function of arts and cultural expression in the development of creative, healthy, engaged and sustainable communities. We support local government in its role of assisting and resourcing local communities to make and express their own culture.

Latest News:

New entry-level employment trainee program for the Creative Sector

ArtsReady equips young Australians with the experience and qualifications necessary to make a meaningful and ongoing contribution to the arts and creative industries. The program links trainees with partner organisations to deliver quality workplace experiences and industry recognised qualifications, while providing support every step of the way as trainees build a career.

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Last call for papers:Public Pedagogies Conference, Victoria University, 12 and 13 November 2015

We invite you to consider making a proposal to the upcoming conference ‘Turning Learning Inside Out’ run by the new Public Pedagogies Institute. The conference will focus on teaching and learning that takes place outside formal educational institutions. These include arts, community engagement, public history, as well as public institutions like museums, libraries, neighbourhood houses and community centres.


New publication coming soon: ‘Making Culture Count: the Politics of Cultural Measurement’

Edited by Lachlan MacDowall, Marnie Badham, Emma Blomkamp and Kim Dunphy.

Making Culture Count brings together diverse perspectives from scholars, policy-makers and creative practitioners to explore the burgeoning field of cultural measurement and its implications. The Publication can now be pre-purchased through Palgrave MacMillan. Read more about Making Culture Count.

CDN’s draft Schema of Outcomes shared at the International Evaluation Conference, 7-9 September 2015

CDN contributed to the recent Australasian Evaluation Society Conference in Melbourne, with Dr Kim Dunphy making a poster presentation on CDN’s draft schema of outcomes for cultural engagement.


New research presentation: Outcomes of urban place-making projects: a holistic assessment

Recently presented at the conference Rethinking the Region and Regionalism in Australasia: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century“, this presentation discusses the intersection between cultural and urban development, drawing on concepts of place and place-making. By approaching cultural initiatives as places and a planning process as a place-making process, the research demonstrates how the two fields of cultural and urban development intersect and invites us to consider how proper assessment of cultural initiatives could benefit planning processes. (more…)

New Article on our ‘Arts Central’ Project in Central Goldfields Shire

A review of the Arts Central project was undertaken in Making Arts Central in a Regional Australian Community, recently published in the Global Compact Cities Programme’s latest ‘Cities for the Future’.  In the article Cynthia Lam, a Research Officer from RMIT University explores how the Central Goldfields Shire is trailing a new approach to economic and social revitalisation, by encouraging organisations across all sectors to embrace the arts. To read the full article or to request a copy click here.