Cultural Development Network (CDN) addresses its goal of a culturally rich and vibrant society by working to increase the expression of culture through the platform of the arts, libraries and heritage. We do this by building the capacity of local government across Australia to support artists and local communities and work towards integrated planning across all levels of government.

CDN carries out significant research and development into what matters to communities, their elected representatives, artists and arts managers.  Understanding better planning principles, how to evaluate and provide meaningful measurement of outcomes, particularly the understanding of connection of cultural outcomes to economic, social, environmental and civic outcomes of engagement in cultural development activities.

This site offers a range of tools and resources to assist local government and others in their cultural development work.


New report on cultural funding from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on behalf of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers: This report estimates total government expenditure in Australia across museums, libraries, arts education, archives, musics, festivals, and film production for 2015-2016. 



Use CDN’s projects and publications to support your work. Find out what we’re working on.




Engage with local, national and international networks.

Guidance on measuring outcomes of cultural engagement.


Online guide to create a cultural development plan for your council.


A tool to develop activities that will address your council’s goals.


Ask questions of experts in the cultural development sector.


Creating Australia

Informing the practice of arts in communities through research.


Arts Ready

Creative career pathways for young people across Australia. Learn more about how ArtsReady is supporting local employment through partnerships with Local Government.

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